About the UK Learning Disabilities and Health Network

The UK Learning Disabilities and Health Network was launched on the 10th of July 2001 as part of the Valuing People White Paper initiatives.

At its launch it was agreed:

1. Remit will be predominantly about the sharing of good practice and information and will aim to facilitate the networking of practitioners interested in primary care and learning disability across the UK.
2. The network would wish to remain a UK wide facility including participants from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
3. Participants agreed to accept local responsibility for networking and sharing of information within own regions.
4. That the Network would seek to develop a directory of contacts nationally and that participants within each region would assist with the collection of information across learning disability services.

Since then it has extended its scope to become a key venue for people working on all health issues around people with learning disabilities to share information, resources and knowledge.

Initially it was hosted by the North West Training and Development Team and by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities since 2006. Since its relaunch in May 2018 Together 4 Change has supported the Foundation in running the Network. This is an extension of the partnership the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and Together 4 Change have had since 2012 with the Choice Forum, an online community for people supporting people with learning disabilities.

If you would like to get in touch or volunteer to help with the Network, please use our contact form which can be found here.